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Colombian PVC has a high-tech machinery for bending PVC profiles for the manufacture of doors and special windows and provide full customer service.

Because of the thermoplasticity of PVC , we can get variety of forms and applications to find solutions to almost all architectural designs.

This is done from the curvature of a single profile, or the union of small arches, in small diameters. You can perform arc diameters from 500mm to 1800 .

Therefore , there are different possibilities from the "bull's eye " to more complex designs of modernist inspiration formed by nonparallel curves that constitute a   decisive additional attractive system .

The European Bend System

  • The European bend  system is ideal for providing thermal and acoustic insulation. Similarly, this system facilitates cleaning and ventilation.
  • The width of the frame should be from 60 mm with couplings to other windowing systems.
  • Glazings must be from 4mm to 28mm thick for thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • The profiles with multi cameral system provide greater tightness and optimum thermal performance.
  • It has internal structural reinforcements. At the same time, it has the ironwork screwed to the steel reinforcement.
  • It allows a better opening for tilt and swing , casement and swing doors.