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Windows American Folding or Protruding System

​Advantages and features

  • Weather and moisture resistant.
  • Mayor sealing and acoustic insulation provided by double seal between leaf and frame.
  • Great structural resistance with galvanized steel reinforcements inside the profiles. Excellent quality ironworks with European technology.
  • Maximum durability and minimum maintenance.
  • High thermal acoustic insulation thanks to PVC profiles of European technology with air chambers inside.
  • It allows to graduate the air intake, varying the opening angle.
  • This option is only opening to the outside, thus improving the use of interior space.

American Folding or Protruding System

  • Ship Maximum height: 1.50 mts.
  • Arms 8 ", 10" and 12 ".
  • Projecting handle.
  • Cremona shoeing.
  • Pisa coextruded glass.
  • EPDM gaskets.
  • Glass: 4mm. - 10mm.
  • Double glazing: 24mm.
  • Metal reinforcements.
  • Sill